Under9kl Anniversary 2015

It was a year of ups and downs but we’ve made new friends, and our family is growing!

DJs, producers, magazines, bloggers, artists and performers came down, and graced our space with an underground vibe.
People from all walks of life, found us! They came, they danced for hours, and together we brought the space to life.

So now it is time for us to say thank you to all the people who gave us their support when we needed it.

To celebrate our first anniversary, we have gathered some of the best techno/house DJs in town.

Jason Voon – (TRKL)
Notion A – Official – (SoulMatters Recordings)
Alam – (Ohrwurm)
Blastique – (Mile High Sounds)

And it was a stellar night!

With a set by this feller here….. that just blew a fuse! It was off the hook.