We were,
Without lingering
Without faltering,
Somehow lost in between the days…
We were,
Torpid from the heat of the dull stone…
Unaffected by the unknown.
We were
Submerged in the lethargy of the senses.
We were
Seismic urges rumbling for more.
We were the paradoxes,
evermore and nevermore.
He was – Luke warm anaesthetic.
I was – Chloroform on the rocks.
We were
Half hearted wishes dissolving, like sutures,
Like a deep darkness
Bound into the skin.
We were
Languid lotus eaters
Subsiding like the night,
Hypnotized by moonlight,
Tantalized by strange light.
He was a lambent flame,
smoldering in a toque,
tranquil in the smoke.