The Empire of Bygone Loves

By twilight, in the empire of bygone loves, the eternal home of the unseen…. Come.
Leave undone the pulling up of stakes,
the muffled drum,
the deep six.
Put aside that house of bones and give me leave to stitch your skin to you once more,
drawing it out tightly.
Barely beating, your heart confounds the rhythm of death.
And when across your face my eidolon knife has cut open the place where your lips should be,
tell me,
how you came.
Tell me what the scincid lizard stole.
Tell me who comes to disencumber you now…

What mavens and circe and Loreleis look through  the sweet by-and-by of prophecy.
Who comes now braving the solemn sea of passing shadows and the last burning embers of your given-up ghost… Who comes to repossess you now?

Who comes with the airy nothings of memory?
Well, tell them to come anyway.
All those girls and boys with their red and whites and blacks still unconvinced that gray is flushed with joy.
Tell them to come with a shuttle raid of glass hard hopes….
But we shall have our time,
by the Stygian shores.

And count the sum of things through our dreamy eyed demise.