We don’t have the same Gods. We don’t look through the same window.

While we are sleeping. While we are reading the morning papers. While we are sitting in the shuffling silence of trains travelling to and from our daily routines… Life goes on. Wars are started. Countries invaded. Towers fall. Bombs are dropped. Football matches are won or lost. Records are broken. Trees are felled.  The stinking beast of “Media” tricks us into putting another coin in its purse in return for a moments distraction. We have breakfast. We wash the dishes. We kill ants on a kitchen counter instead of blowing them gently away… life goes on – in spite of our apathy. In spite of our complacency. Life goes on. It changes, and you change with it but it goes on.

Day after day, threats fall like bombs closer and closer to home. Disgruntled dreamers read the morning papers. Divisive murmurs on the train. Over the counter, at cafes, we divide ourselves into this and that, into us and them, and now and then. We separate whats done with labels not needs. We expect the worst from what we don’t want to understand….

No one sets out to be evil. In our minds we align our justifications for our actions with the view outside our windows… however strange that view may be. The trouble is, we all live in different houses, with different aspects and dimension. It’s so hard to agree on which field needs a scarecrow the most.

We don’t have the same Gods. We don’t look through the same window.